7 of my Favorite iPhone Photography Apps

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I get asked this question all the time and today I am going to share with you my 7 Favorite iPhone Photography Apps.

The iPhone itself works great to take photographs, but sometimes I want a little more than the basic camera features the iPhone offers. With each new iPhone put on the market, the camera appears to improve more and more. And to be honest, I want each new phone each time they release a new one, but I definitely can’t afford that kind of addiction.

Because of this, I have fiddled with numerous iPhone camera Apps and have come up with my own list of favorites.  

Rest assured, you can still take great photographs with any iPhone you presently have. I think it’s the best camera out there, because it’s always ready and fits right in your pocket. So take a look at my list and see if any of these Apps interest you…

iPhone App #1: VividHDR 

iPhone photography apps

VividHDR is my all-time Favorite app to take photographs. HDR stands for High Dynamic Range. There are several options for taking photos: Natural, Lively, Dramatic, Bleach and Gray Art.

I, personally, take most of my photos using the VividHDR app and my images come out crisp and brilliant. The app captures details in every picture I take and it also always to see the original and the HDR version by using a slider, so you can choose which you like best.

It also offers the option of several High Definition photo styles. It is definitely not for the ‘take the photo quick and go’-type of person. You have to hold the phone still for a few seconds in order for the App to do it’s job. 

iPhone App #2: Camera+

iphone photography apps

Camera+ allows for great manual shooting and has an extensive amount of filters that are not found in any other app around. The thing that is most comprehensive about this app is the ability to take a photograph in different scene modes: Clarity, Portrait, Food, Night, Shade, Beach, Concert, Scenery, etc.

The Camera+ app also offers a Stabilizer to steady the iPhone and allow you to take the best picture you can. Additionally, you can add captions to the photos.

I use the Camera+ app more for post-photo editing. It has some really cool features and I’m sure there is a ton that I have not yet used. I like that you can take a ‘Portrait’ photo and ‘Macro’ photos straight from the App without having to buy a new phone or accessories. It also detects smiles on a subject and offers a stabilizer option for someone with a shaky hand.  

iPhone App #3: Snapseed

iphone photography apps

Snapseed is an app developed by Google. That being said, it is comprehensive and is my go-to app for editing photographs that I have already taken. It has 26 tools and filters that add texture and drama to pictures. An added bonus is the ability to ‘stack’ filters and adjust each accordingly.

My favorite feature of all is the ability to add stylized text to the images. Some apps allow you to put plain text onto an image, but Snapseed takes that a step further. You can add text into a speech bubble, in a circle or with highlighted words. 

The extensive filters and tools allows me to perfect every photograph I take to my liking. Sometimes, I go crazy and keep fiddling with it until I get an artsy feel to the photograph. You can also keep your original pic and save your edits as a copy, in case you want to start over and have a different look and feel the next time around.  

Best of all, this app is Free.

iPhone App #4: Instagram

iphone photography apps

Instagram is a simple way to capture and share your moments with the world. Follow your friends and family to see what they’re up to, and discover accounts from all over the world that are sharing things you love. Instagram allows your account to be public or private, so you control what people see. 

I love the flexibility of Instagram and the way I am able to edit photos and share them. The latest updates have included some improvements that have changed the way people now share their memories.

As a big fan of capturing moments in order to make lasting memories, I like the ability to share the location of where the photo was taken and also the ability to link your Instagram account to your Facebook Account and share your memories with an even broader audience.  Even if you’re not one to share every moment of your life, you can always open an account and spy on everyone else. LOL

iPhone App #5: Layout from Instagram

iphone photography apps

A great partner App to have with your Instagram is IG Layout.  Create fun, one-of-a-kind layouts by remixing your own photos and sharing them with your friends. Choose photos from your camera roll—or use the built-in Photo Booth to take spur-of-the-moment shots—and instantly see them laid out in various combinations. Pick the layout you like best, then edit it to make it your own.

I find Layout very easy to use. It is a simple App to use and offers a variety of Layout options. I prefer using the four-box grid, but you can choose from so many layout options that the possibilities are endless. After making my grid, I usually pop on over to SnapSeed app (mentioned about) and I then add a text overly. Simple, right?

iPhone App #6: Moldiv

iphone photography apps

MOLDIV is the all-in-one photo editor that offers everything you could wish for in photography. It’s the professional photo editor that satisfies everyone from newbies to professionals. Whether it’s Frame/Collage/Magazine features that allow the liveliest story-telling, or Beauty Camera that takes naturally beautiful selfies, find the features you need in MOLDIV, the best photography app!

I am in LOVE with this App. I just downloaded it and cannot stop using the Beauty feature!!! The Magazine feature is also really cool. There are so many options to choose from for the Free version, that I can’t imagine everything else you could do if you bought the packs.

I appreciate that you can go through each layer of edits without having to start from the beginning again. It really takes the stress out of editing photographs. So, so much you could do. 

iPhone App #7: Retrica

iphone photography apps

Last, but not least… Retrica. Express yourself with mesmerizing filters. With this app, you can apply and view each filter in real time before you take your photos. There is a wide selection of filters available, such as sepia, black and white, Polaroid, high contrast, deep yellow, and much more.

Perfect Filters for every occasion: Take a selfie with real-time filters. Focus on capturing your beauty and spend less time editing! Video and GIF: Video speaks more words than a photo! Long press to capture the live video.

You can also turn your collage shots or video into GIF. Fun Instant Collage: More is merrier! Take multiple selfies and turn them into a beautiful collage instantly! You can turn your phone into a retro photo booth with a touch of a button. Doodle & Text: Embed your personal message into your Selfie. Turn your selfie into a message!

The amount of filters for this FREE App seem endless. If you’re a fan of Instagram Filters, like I am, then you are going to love this app. It is a fun and playful additional to anyone’s iPhone Photo App collection. 

I know that taking photographs can be overwhelming at times. People worry about what they look like to others and how they will appear on social media. 

My advice: Who cares??? Have fun with it. Don’t worry so much about the look and the filter that you lose the most important thing in life: your moment and those memories!

So, no matter which App you decide to download and use, just remember to have FUN…

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Until the Next Adventure…