A Local’s Guide to Putnam County, NY

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Putnam County, NY is so close to NYC but feels like a world’s away. 

Located just north of Westchester County in the Lower Hudson Valley, it is the smallest of all the counties that make up the Hudson Valley Region.

Even though it is small, it doesn’t stop it from being mighty. Putnam County, NY boasts amazing venues, historical places, in addition to State Parks full of excitement.

Where is Putnam County, NY?

Map of Putnam County, NY
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Located approximately 55 miles North of New York City, Putnam County borders Westchester County, Dutchess County, as well as, Rockland County.

Putnam County is made up of 6 towns and 3 villages. The County is known for its many reservoirs. You, certainly, cannot drive through Putnam without bumping into one or four or more of them.

How can you get to Putnam County?

Putnam County, NY is accessible by train (Metro-North) and, car, by its two Interstate Highways. Whichever way you get there, make sure you plan ahead in order to fill the day with fun things to do.

According to www.putnamcountyny.com/visitputnam

” Conveniently located and easily accessible to and from New York City, Putnam [county] offers unexpected year-round attractions just an hour’s drive north of Midtown Manhattan.”

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Highlights of Things to do:

With its richness in nature and beauty at every turn, there is always something to do in Putnam County.

Here are some highlights:

  • Take a trip to Garrison, NY and embrace the beauty of Boscobel House and Gardens. Open seasonally from mid-April through December. A visit to Boscobel will give you a reason to fall deeper in love with the Hudson Valley Region.
  • Visit a historic and cultural landmark, such as Chapel Restoration in Cold Spring, NY. It is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and hosts an array of events, such as their Sunday Music Series and their Sunset Reading Series. Another historical landmark is the Walter Brewster House.
  • A visit to Chuang Yen Monastery in Kent, NY is life-changing. Home to the largest indoor statue of Buddha in the Western Hemisphere, Chuang Yen Monastery is a place that everyone should visit. It’s open to the public every day (closed from Jan – March).
Chuang Yen Monastery is home to the largest indoor Buddha in the Western Hemisphere and it is located in Putnam County, NY.

See the Largest Indoor Statue of Buddha in the Western Hemisphere

A Few Things to Know Before Visiting & Exploring Putnam County: 

  • Putnam County is great for everyone and perfect for the Outdoor Adventure lover. Their list of parks seems endless and they are also home to Thunder Ridge Ski Area.
  • Many places listed here are open seasonally. Check each individual location for days/time they are open to the public.
  • Many venues charge an entrance fee, admission fee and/or tour fee. Check each individual location for more detailed information regarding prices.

For Additional Information Regarding Putnam County, visit:

Website: www.putnamcountyny.com/visitputnam
Facebook: www.facebook.com/PutnamCountyTourism

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