11 Hudson Valley Instagram Accounts that Amaze & Inspire

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Do you feel inspired by looking at other people’s Hudson Valley Instagram Accounts?

Are you looking for others to help you find places to visit and things to do in the Hudson Valley? 

If you answered, “yes” to any of those questions, then you are in good company. I love Instagram for many reasons and, especially, for the wonderful photos that other people post on their Hudson Valley Instagram accounts.

Hudson Valley Instagram Accounts that people love

If you’re not currently on this fantastic social media platform, then you are missing out on all the fun. Instagram is not only fun but is it also interactive AND addictive. 

I lose track of time while scrolling through other people’s Hudson Valley Instagram accounts and I also make a list/collection of places I want to visit, events that are taking place and restaurants that I would lie to try.

What is Instagram?

With over 2 million people populating the Lower and Mid-Hudson Valley Region, it is safe to say that many people are out documenting their daily lives in the Hudson Valley in droves.

Did you know that as of September 2017, Instagram recorded approximately 800 million active users worldwide???? That’s a whole lot of people sharing a whole lot of stuff.

Swans at the bear mountain state park

During the time this blog post was written, my Instagram account @Hudsonvalleyexpd has a little over 600 followers. At the time this blog post was updated, my Instagram account has over 3,000 followers!!!

And, although, those numbers are tiny in comparison to, let’s say… Kim Kardashian and her over 150+ million followers, I am having fun with it and showing off so many things I see and do in the Hudson Valley.

My goal is to show you that you can have fun and have adventures without going very far.

How to Use Instagram?

Instagram is relatively easy to use. You can either take a photo with your phone (preferred method) and post it to your account.

Or take a photo with a camera and then upload it to your Instagram account separately.

It’s a space where you can showcase your photos, re-post someone else’s photos, post videos or share just about anything that will fit in a square-sized space.

When I first started on Instagram, I primarily showcased personal photos for everyone to see. But with the start of this blog, I have converted my personal account to a Business Account.

My Hudson Valley Instagram Account Feed

My Hudson Valley Instagram account continues to showcase my personal photos but my topic is now not about my family and our daily doings, it’s focused more on places in the Hudson Valley.

Editing photos within the native Instagram App is so easy too. With the tap of a few buttons, you can turn an ordinary photo into something extraordinary. People often have favorite filters that they use on photos making them unique to their own personal/business style.

The photo below has been my most popular photo to date:

House with snow and ice in the Winter


My Favorite Hudson Valley Instagram Accounts

Now, without further ado… I have listed my favorite Hudson Valley Instagram accounts that not only showcase all the wonderful places you can visit in the Hudson Valley, but also inspire others to go out and experience these places for themselves.

Here is my list of 11 of my favorite Instagram accounts that spotlight great things in the Hudson Valley.

In no particular order…


3,600+ followers
This unique Instagram account captures areas within the Hudson Valley from a drone. The company is based in Gardiner, NY and is a specialist in using drones for business. Their photos range from scenic views to interesting architecture.


1,400+ followers
This account focuses on long exposure photography of water and waterfalls. These photos of the Hudson Valley are extraordinary and so calming at the same time.

Small waterfall in Ulster County, NY


22K+ followers
This account focuses on Hiking and running through NY. The account focuses on nature photos and also showcases three beautiful doggies that are also hiking enthusiasts. 


9,600+ followers
This account tells the story of Die-hard New Yorkers that moved up North to Beacon. The photos are colorful and make one feels right at home and completely immersed in the photo.


Steve Galant is a master at his craft. He is an artist and showcases his spectacular photos for all to see and love. He has an amazing eye and uses his unique perspective to offer his viewers an extraordinary experience.


1,700+ followers
As a published photographer, these photos are a wonderful example of everything you can experience in the Hudson Valley.


800+ followers
Brandon Pidala has created a stunning Instagram account showcasing his love for the lower Hudson Valley. As a landscape and nature photographer, his photos do not disappoint and take you along on each of his journeys.


800+ followers
I give a lot of credit to those that use other means of taking photos. Tammie Jean is a drone pilot and also uses a GoPro to take her captivating photos. Her mixture of traditional landscape, nature and drone photos is inspirational.

Aerial view of Opus 40
Photo Courtesy of Opus 40


1,500+ followers
Although the address on the Instagram account says Rhode Island, I couldn’t help but include this business on my list. Splitting their time RI, NH, Mass and the Hudson Valley, the photos showcased of the Hudson Valley are beautiful and unique.


3,800+ followers
Photos showcased on this Instagram account are too beautiful to be real. There’s a sense of stillness to the photos and they ignite a curiosity that makes you want to see these locations for yourself.


2,100+ followers
The information on this Instagram account says, “Nature, Art, Architecture”. Simple and to the point. The photos are breathtaking and make me want to jump in the car and go.

After taking a look at the accounts on my list, do you understand why I am constantly inspired to find new places to explore in the Hudson Valley? 

More importantly, Instagram was the first social media account I opened when I established my blog.

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Where to Next????

Explore my Hudson Valley Map

My interactive map features all of the attractions, parks, museums and businesses I’ve personally visited and written about to date. The blog posts written about each location are linked within the corresponding pin. 

Map Key for the Hudson Valley Exploring Map

Until the Next Adventure…


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