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11 Amazing Instagram Accounts that Spotlight the Hudson Valley

Hudson Valley Instagram Accounts FI

[Post updated: 2/2/19]

Do you feel inspired by looking at other people’s photographs of the Hudson Valley on Instagram? Are you looking for others to help you find places to visit and things to do in the Hudson Valley? 

If you answered, “yes” to any of those questions, then you are in good company. I love Instagram for many reasons and, especially, for the wonderful photos of the Hudson Valley.

If you’re not currently on this fantastic social media platform, then you are missing out on all the fun. Instagram is fun, interactive and addictive. 

Hudson Valley Instagram Accounts that will inspire you to visit the Hudson Valley

Instagram App:

With over 2 million people populating the Lower and Mid-Hudson Valley Region, it is safe to say that many people are out documenting their daily lives in the Hudson Valley in droves.

Did you know that as of September 2017, Instagram recorded approximately 800 million active users worldwide???? That’s a whole lot of people sharing a whole lot of stuff.

During the time this blog post was written, my Instagram account @Hudsonvalleyexpd has a little over 600 followers. At the time this blog post was updated, my Instagram account has over 2,000 followers!!!  

And, although, those numbers are tiny in comparison to, let’s say… @Selenagomez and her over 100+ million followers, I am having fun with it and showing off so many things I see and do in the Hudson Valley. My goal is to show you that you can have fun and have adventures without going very far.

“It doesn’t matter the number of people following you, as long as you’re having fun!”

The Best of Instagram

Below is one of my most liked and most commented photos on Instagram.

Hudson Valley Exposed Instagram

Here is my list of 11 of my favorite Instagram accounts that spotlight great things in the Hudson Valley. (In no particular order)

#1: Newburgh.restoration

4,000+ followers
This account is jam-packed with great photos and great information about Newburgh, NY. In addition, it showcases new things coming to the vibrant city and is getting everyone excited about changes that are taking place.

#2: HVdrones

2,400+ followers
This unique Instagram account captures areas within the Hudson Valley from a drone. Pretty cool!

#3: Slightlyupstateny

1,200+ followers
Even though this is a relatively new account, the content is wonderful. It’s a nice mix of food and outdoor shots.

#4: Jaime.a.delgado

1,000+ followers
This account showcases streams and waterfalls in a beautiful manner. There are regular photographs, as well as, amazing captures using a drone.

StockSnap QKZ38O0NKX

Courtesy of: Stocksnap (Rawpixel.com)

#5: Northeastwild

300+ followers
This account is a compilation of extremely talented artists that photograph the North East. If you tag them in your photo, you have a chance to be featured.

#6: Minds_eye_vision

1,500+ followers
This account focuses on long exposure photography and the photos that showcase the Hudson Valley are extraordinary!

#7: Hudsonvalleyhikes

15K+ followers
This account focuses on Hiking and running through NY. The account focuses on nature photos and also showcases three beautiful doggies that are also hiking enthusiasts. 

#8: Hudsonvalleyhappenings

117K+ followers
This account not only offers beautiful photos of the Hudson Valley, but also have a comprehensive website showcasing local happenings, as well as, food and places to stay. 

StockSnap H08XN771L4

Courtesy of: Stocksnap (Time Wright)

#9: Thehudsonvalley

6,600+ followers
This account that features photos from other photographers. All you have to do is tag them and you may be featured.

#10: Beacon_transplant

7,000+ followers
This account tells the story of Die-hard New Yorkers that moved up North. The photos are colorful, and one feels right at home wherever they are in the present moment.

#11: Downstate_ny 

11K+ followers
This account showcases the beauty of the Hudson Valley from a photographer’s perspective. It’s nature at its best!


Want to learn how to take stellar photos with your iPhone?
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After taking a look at the accounts on my list, do you understand why I am constantly inspired to find new places to explore in the Hudson Valley? 

More importantly, Instagram was the first social media account I opened when I established my blog.

And, it’s by far, my favorite!

Don’t forget to follow your favorites from this list, including my account on Instagram: @Hudsonvalleyexpd

Until the Next Adventure…
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