Palisades Mall: Everything You’ll Ever Need to Know for an Epic Day of Entertainment

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Due to the continued concerns surrounding the spread of COVID-19, the Palisades Mall is offering Curbside Pick-up ONLY. Check their website for more information.
Be safe, be well, be healthy.

Why do malls get so many visitors? It seems like a silly question, right?
One would say it’s because of the variety of stores under one roof, incredible options for eating out in one place, or the convenience of being inside, especially when the weather is not ideal outside.

If I told you that many people go to the mall, not for the reasons mentioned above (but for Entertainment and Activities only) would that surprise you?

That’s one of the main reasons why we visit the Palisades Mall and it should be yours too.

The sign at the entrance of the Palisades Mall in West Nyack, NY

In this post, I will showcase a list of many of the Palisades Mall Activities, besides shopping (which I know is a favorite activity for many).

Below are activities that my family and I enjoy doing All The Time! We have made some wonderful memories at this mall and I would love for you to do so too!

Visiting the Palisades Center Mall:

The Palisades Mall is typically open during these hours:
Hours may differ depending on the time of the year.
Sunday: 11am-7pm
Monday – Thursday: 10am-9:30pm
Friday: 10am – 10:45pm
Saturday: 10am-9:30pm

Where is The Palisades Mall?

The Palisades Center Mall is located in West Nyack, NY in Rockland County.

Located right across the “New” Tappan Zee Bridge/Gov. Mario Cuomo Bridge and next to the Palisades Parkway.

Because of its location, it is convenient to both New Yorkers and New Jerseyers (is that actually a word?).

The location is what appeals to most people visiting the Palisades Center Mall because it is easy to get off the highway and then back on the highway without venturing through side streets and through town.

The Palisades Center Mall, also known as “The Palisades Mall“, is currently the 2nd largest mall in the NY Metro area, coming second to the Roosevelt Field Mall in Garden City, NY. The only mall in NY bigger than these two is Destiny USA Mall in Syracuse, NY.

Entrance to the Palisades Center Mall in West Nyack, NY

The Palisades Mall was opened in March 1998 and continues to be one of the favorite places for visitors from all over New York and also for tourists visiting the area.

“Palisades Center is among the top 10 most visited malls in America. This four-level shopping center located in Rockland County, offers over 200 stores, 16 sit-down restaurants, a bowling alley, ice rink, the world’s tallest indoor ropes course, comedy club, and more. Palisades Center is the go-to place for local shoppers and tourists alike.”

Palisades Center Mall Website

Why is this mall such a unique place?

In addition to the vast variety of stores and eateries located in this mall, the most impressive aspect of the Palisades Mall is the number of activities they have.

You can stay there all day and NEVER run out of things to do. 

During my visit (while researching this blog post) I was pleasantly surprised to see new additions to the collection of activities that they have for all age groups.

> The Mall is typically crowded on the Weekends, so a Weekday visit guarantees less people and a lot more options for fun.

> The costs of activities varies. Check individual activities beforehand so you can budget wisely.

> Some places require Advance Tickets (Levity Live Comedy Club) or a Reservation (Lucky Strike Bowling).

What are the Activities at the Palisades Mall?

Below is a list of the activities that we saw available at the Palisades Mall during our visit:

Levity Live Comedy Club 

Located on Level 4, next to Target, Levity Live Comedy Club is an ’18-year old and over’ establishment that showcases comedy from all over the United States.

The shows typically have: a Host, Featured Performer and the Headliner Comedian. They have a full-service restaurant and can seat up to 350 people.

For more information and prices, check out their website.

The Levity Live Comedy Club is located on the top level of the Palisades Mall and offers top notch entertainment to all who see a show.

Palisades Center Ice Rink

Located on Level 4, the Palisades Center Ice Rink offers Year-Round, Indoor Ice Skating sessions to the public. It is adequate for all ages and all skill levels. 

For more information and prices, check out their website.

On the top floor of the Palisades Center is the Palisades Center Ice Rink where they have games and open skate times.

Lucky Strike Bowling Alley 

Located on Level 4, Lucky Strike has 12 lanes that provide hours of fun for all ages.

In addition, they have billiards tables, as well as a game room. They have extended hours for a fun night out with friends, a partner, and a family. 

For more information and prices, check out their website.

Another great activity at the Palisades Mall is the Lucky Strike Bowling Alley. The entrance to the Lucky Strike Bowling Alley is on the top floor of the mall.

Palisades Mall Ferris Wheel 

Located on Level 3, this amazing Ferris Wheel towers next to a large window looking out into the parking lot. It is located in the food court area making it easy to find.

The view of the Ferris Wheel at the Palisades Center Mall

AMC Palisades Center 21 

Located on Level 4, AMC is a well-known movie chain offering 21 screens at the Palisades Center Mall. In addition to 2D movies, they also offer 3D features, as well as, IMAX 3D movies. 

For more information and prices, check out their website.

The AMC Movie Theater at the Palisades Mall shows the best movies

Palisades Climb Adventure 

Starting at Level 4, the Palisades Climb Adventure is the World’s Tallest Indoor Rope Course. This is an amazing feat – not for the weak of heart or those scared of heights.

It stands 85 feet tall, contains 75 different challenges and can accommodate guests of various ages.

On Level 4, there is also a kiddie-sized rope course, for the youngest of all thrill-seekers. 

For more information and prices, check out their website.  

Rope and steps to climb on the Palisades Mall Climb Adventure.
The Palisades Mall Climb Adventure is a great attraction for all to enjoy.

Located on the Level 3 Food Court sits the majestic Carousel with horses and lavishly adorned seats.

The best part of this carousel is that it has two levels, and from what I observed, families with children of all ages love to ride this carousel, especially the Top Level!

This beautiful carousel at the Palisades Mall has two levels for people to enjoy and have more fun.
Side view of the Double Carousel at the Palisades Mall

Billy Beez 

Located on Level 1, Billy Beez is the ultimate play zone for children and parents.

It is an amazing 20,000 sq foot space of FUN! It houses slides to tunnels, trampolines and ball pits, and everyone is bound to have fun! 

For more information and prices, check out their website.  

The Billy Beez sign at the Palisades Mall is lit up waiting to greet everyone who visits.
Billy Beez is a fun place enjoyed by many.

OMG Entertainment 

Located on Level 1, OMG Entertainment is a virtual reality theater experience.

According to their website, “The latest, state-of-the-art technology of virtual reality comes together with a 9-D movie simulator that can spin 360 degrees. We have 8 different movies that you can choose from.”

For more information and prices, check out their website.

The entrance to OMG Entertainment highlights all the fun you can have inside this Virtual Reality Experience.

5 Wits 

5 Wits is a unique, live-action adventure located on Level 4.

According to their website, the “customers get the chance to BE “the Action Hero” and get INSIDE the movie or video game.” 

For more information and prices, check out their website.  

The entrance to 5 Wits at the Palisades Mall in West Nyack

Autobahn Indoor Speedway 

Located on Level 2, this indoor go-kart racing experience is action-packed.

Karts can go up to 50 mph and drive along a professional Grand-Prix track. 

For more information and prices, check out their website.

In addition to the racing experience, Autobahn now has an ax-throwing area. This new trend in entertainment is exciting and so much fun!

Entrance to Autobahn Indoor Speedway at the Palisades Mall
Exciting Driving at the Palisades Mall Autobahn Speedway
Axe throwing at the Autobaun st the Palisades Center Mall in West Nyack

Mystery Escape Room 

Located on Level 3, Escape The Mystery Room is your chance to be a real-life detective.

You and your team are in a room for 50 minutes and you must find clues, solve puzzles and decipher hidden codes to Escape The Mystery Room

For more information and prices, check out their website.

Entrance to the Palisades Mall Mystery Room
The wall of all the scenarios at the Palisades Mall Mystery Room

Build -a- Bear Workshop

Located on Level 3, the Build-a-Bear Workshop is the place to create the bear or other characters of your choice.

You get to choose your character’s shell and then fill it with stuffing and other special trinkets. You can “bathe” your creation and prep it for clothes, shoes or a costume.

For more information, check out their website.

The store sign for Build a Bear workshop at the Palisades Center Mall
Look inside the Build a Bear workshop at the Palisades Center Mall

Party Animals

Located on Level 1, Party Animals is a fun little spot to enjoys some safe fun.

With parental supervision, your child can ride on the back of a motorized animal, get your face painting, jump in an inflatable house, a small ball pit for younger children and so much more.

For more information, you can locate the phone number at this web address.

Party Animals sign at the Palisades Center Mall
A look inside the Party Animals store at the Palisades Mall in West Nyack, NY

Color Me Mine

Located on Level 3, Color Me Mine caters to the artist in all of us. With hundreds of ceramic shapes to choose from, your imagination can go wild creating a one-of-a-king ceramic keepsake.

For more information, check out their website.

Ceramic mug on table
Photo courtesy of

Dave & Busters

Located on Level 4, Dave and Buster’s is an arcade lover’s dream come true!

Not considering their food and drinks, Dave & Buster’s is a great place to have some old-fashioned fun! There are hundreds of games to play that you are guaranteed to find something that someone will enjoy.

For more information, check out their website.

Dave & Buster's located on the top floor of the palisades mall

VR Exodrome

Located on Level 4, VR Exodrome is a VR PARK featuring some of the most unique and top of the line virtual reality cybersport simulator rides. VR Exodrome is a blend of the best features in the gaming and amusement industries.

For more information, check out their website.

Game Show Room

Located on Level 3, Game Show Room is a place where, for one hour, you get to play a live game show like the popular Game Shows seen on television. 

For more information, check out their website.

Is the Palisades Center Mall the Right Entertainment Place for you?

With so many options available at the Palisades Center Mall, the only question is…

Is the Palisades Center Mall the right place for you and your family?

The good news is that it is FREE to visit the mall and check out the activities as an observer.

You can also speak to other visitors before you decide if you’d like to try a specific activity for yourself or your family.

> Wear comfortable shoes. To cover the majority of the mall, it requires a lot of walking. Invest in some comfy footwear, like these walking sneakers.

> Make sure you give yourself enough time to park and walk from the parking area to the mall. Keep in mind that it can be crowded on the weekends.

> Taking a stroller for your young child/children is a good idea. Elevators within the mall help you get from one floor to another.


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