Pick Your Own Cherries in the Hudson Valley

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Although some of these locations are open to the public, please follow these guidelines:
Please be safe.
Practice social distancing, wear a mask, wash hands thoroughly and follow all mandates and recommendations of the Centers for Disease Control (cdc.gov) and NY State and local Governments.

A few years ago, I did something I never thought I’d do. We decided to make a visit to Prospect Hill Orchards in Milton NY to pick your own cherries.

Picking cherries, you ask?

Yes, it’s just like picking apples.

Cherry trees and sign at the Pick Your own cherries at Prospect Hill Orchards

Whether you visit Prospect Hill Orchards in Ulster County NY or another great orchard throughout Hudson Valley, take the day and enjoy picking your own cherries.

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Tips for Visiting the Hudson Valley

> Cherry Picking Season is short in the Hudson Valley and begins at the end of June to Mid-July

> Sweet Cherries are usually available at the end of June, while Sour Cherries are usually available in July.

> The Orchards are busiest on the weekends, so check their websites for weekday hours

> Some orchards charge an admission fee. Confirm the information before heading out to the orchard.

What Month is Pick Your Own Cherries?

Depending on the year’s climate and rainfall, Pick your own Cherries typically begin in June and can last until as late as July.

Where are the Cherry Picking Orchards Located?

There are wonderful ‘Pick Your Own Cherries’ orchards throughout Mid & Upper Hudson Valley.

Below are a few orchards throughout the Hudson Valley that offer pick your own cherries.

Dutchess County, NY

Fishkill Farms (Hopewell Junction)

At the time of this posting, Fishkill Farms is offering Socially-Distanced Picking. Reservations are required in order to pick your cherries and you must choose a ‘picking package’.

There will be a maximum of 5 people per reservation and you will be allowed to pick for 1 hour only.

CHERRY PICKING HOURS: (as of the date of this published post)
Tuesday – Sunday: 9am – 4:45pm by Reservation ONLY
No info yet

Mead Orchards (Tivoli)

Mead Orchards provides picnic tables, as well as, plenty of open spaces for blankets and socially-distanced and responsible picking.

CHERRY PICKING HOURS: (as of the date of this published post)
Sweet Cherries:
Late June to early July
Sour Cherries:
Between Early and Mid-July
No admission or parking fees

Rose Hill Farm (Red Hook)

CHERRY PICKING HOURS: (as of the date of this published post)
Anticipated start date: June 20th, 2020
No info yet

Orange County, NY

Lawrence Farms (Newburgh)

*UPDATE: Lawrence Farms lost their cherry crop to a Spring frost in 2020. They do not have cherries to pick for the 2020 season.

Pricing and picking containers are available at the Market (so stop by there first). Picnics are allowed and there is a play ground on the premises.

CHERRY PICKING HOURS: (as of the date of this published post)
Late June – July
Daily: 9am – 4pm
$5.00 per person with a $2.00 credit towards produce purchase

Ochs Orchard (Warwick)

CHERRY PICKING HOURS: (as of the date of this published post)
Late June – July
No info yet

A wagon ride to pick your own cherries at Prospect Hill Orchards

Ulster County, NY

Prospect Hill Orchards (Milton)

There are three different container sizes & prices for cherry picking.

CHERRY PICKING HOURS: (as of the date of this published post)
Sweet Cherries
June 25th – June 28th: 9am – 4pm
Sour Cherries
July 2nd – 5th: 9am – 4pm
$5.00 Parking fee

Tantillo’s Farm Market (Gardiner)

CHERRY PICKING HOURS: (as of the date of this published post)
Daily beginning June 24th
9am – 12pm
No admission fees
$4 per pound of cherries picked
Tantillo’s Farm Market FB Page

Columbia County, NY

Fix Bros Fruit Farm (Hudson)

CHERRY PICKING HOURS: (as of the date of this published post)
Sweet Cherries
Around the end of June
Sour Cherries
Beginning of July
Open Daily
No info at this time

Smith Farms (Hudson)

CHERRY PICKING HOURS: (as of the date of this published post)
Around the end of June
Open Daily: 10am – 4 pm
No info at this time

Cherry Picking Fields in the Hudson Valley

What is so special about Pick Your Own Cherries?

#1: Pick Your Own Cherries comes around for a very short period of time

Pick Your Own Cherries is a special event and it’s very short window compared to picking other fresh fruit at orchards throughout the Hudson Valley. Cherries are only here from late June through July.

#2: Good/Delicious Things come in Small Packages

Do you know anyone who does not love sweet or sour delicious cherries.

How about?

  • Cherry soda
  • Vanilla/Cherry Ice Cream
  • Cherries on top of ice cream
  • Cherry Pie

#3: It’s a wonderful, outdoor experience that can be shared with your special people/person

Even though there may be restrictions set, the ‘Pick Your Own Cherries’ Community strives to make it the best and safest activity that you can do.

What’s better than going outside and enjoying the fresh air while picking the best and freshest fruit for you and your family? Absolutely Nothing…

Cherry ready to be picked at Prospect Hills Orchard in Milton, NY
Pick Your Own Cherries in the Hudson Valley

Have I convinced you yet to pick your own cherries?

Cherry Picking/Storing Tips:

  1. There are two types of cherries: Sweet cherries and sour cherries.
  2. Some people call the sour cherries: tart or pie cherries.
  3. Most people eat sweet cherries as they are and prefer sour cherries in pies, jams, preserves and jellies.
  4. Cherries will not ripen off the tree, so make sure you’re picking the fruit at its peak.
  5. Sweet cherries are firm when they’re ripe and should never be ‘mushy’ and they should have shiny skin.
  6. Cherries with stems attached will keep longer when placed in the fridge.
  7. Do not wash the cherries when you get home until you are ready to use them. They will spoil quicker if they are washed prematurely.
  8. Cherries are very perishable and will only keep in the fridge for a few days after picking. So consume them as quickly as possible or freeze them as soon as possible after bringing them home.
Me in front of the Cherry Trees at Prospect Hill Orchards in Milton, NY

> Call the farms beforehand to confirm the hours, availability, & cherry varieties

> Wear comfy clothes, a hat and and comfy, closed toe shoes, like my favorites here.

> Bring a water bottle with water to stay hydrated, like this one and wear sunscreen.

> Avoid weekends, if you can, and go early in the morning to beat traffic, get a good parking spot and to beat the crowds and the summer afternoon heat.

> Pack food and beverages as many farms do not offer concessions/farm stores.

> If you can, bring a cooler with ice for transporting your cherries back home and minimize the cherries overheating in the car.

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Where to Next???

Now that you have information about cherry picking in the Hudson Valley, let’s see where you should go next…

Map Key for the Hudson Valley Exploring Map

Until the Next Adventure…


Read all about Cherry Picking in Hudson Valley New York. This is a great Hudson Valley Summer activity for all and especially for Hudson Valley Families. Orchards can be found in Dutchess County NY, Orange County NY, Ulster County NY and Columbia County NY. Things to do in the Hudson Valley | Things to do in New York | Things to do in Upstate New York.