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Since receiving a Gift Membership, from a cousin, for Storm King Art Center, I have been looking forward to experiencing all that Storm King Art Center has to offer this season. Storm King Art Center offers a variety of programs for children and adults of all ages. 

Located in New Windsor, NY, Storm King Art Center is located close enough to NYC and Albany, for all people to visit and enjoy.

Moonlit Walk at Storm King Art Center is First on my list.

The Moonlit Walk and Tour began at 8:30pm and ended approximately at 9:30pm.
On the tour, one enjoy sunset to moon rise, as this is just the right time to see many of the exhibits before it becomes too dark to truly enjoy what Storm King Art Center has to offer. It is a unique way of visiting some of the Art Center.

According to Wikipedia:

“See Storm King by moonlight on a unique after-hours tour. This guided tour will be an hour in length and will cover a distance of up to 2 miles.”

When the Tour Begins at Storm King Art Center

The Tour begins near the parking lot that is adjacent to the front entrance. The Moonlit Walk focuses on one area of the Center, as it takes you down some paved areas and grassy areas closest to the parking lot.

The Guides are very knowledgable and offer extensive information regarding the sculptures you visit during this tour. They also offer the patrons time to take photographs of the amazing artwork.

Pictured below is: ‘Mother Peace’ by Mark di Suvero 

Storm King Art Center
Storm King Art Center Peace Sign
Storm King Art Center Tour

As the Evening Continues at Storm King Art Center

As the sun begins to set, it is a perfect opportunity to turn around during the tour and take in the views from the opposite side of the sculptures. That’s where a lot of the magic happens.

Storm King Art Center
Storm King Sculpture
Mark di Suvero
Moonlit Walk Sculptures
Moonlit Walk Sculpture

And Then the Sun Set at Storm King

Once the sun sets, Storm King Art Center becomes a magical place. The experience not only requires you to use your sense of sight, but the sense of hearing begins to activate, as the nocturnal animals begin to emerge. The sounds of toads, bullfrogs and owls are not uncommon sounds to hear. It adds an extra element to the whole experience.

Pictured Below is: ‘Storm King Wall’ by Andy Goldsworthy

Moonlit Walk
Moonlit Walk
Storm King Art Center
Moonlit Walk
Sunset Storm King Art Center

A Few Things to Know Before Taking the Moonlit Walk at Storm King Art Center:

  • This event is perfect for: Couples, Families with Older Children and Friends
  • Days/Seasonal Information:
  • Parking:
  • Registration is required for this event
  • The tour typically has 20 or more people
  • The Walk is approximately 1 hour in length and covers a distance of 2 miles
  • The terrain can be uneven, in areas, and contain long grass and/or wet grounds
  • It is recommended to bring a flashlight for the latter parts of the tour
  • Proper walking shoes, long pants, light colored clothing and bug spray is also recommended
  • Because of the rough terrain, strollers and wheelchairs cannot be accommodated

For More Additional & Updated Information about the Moonlit Walk and other special events,
visit their ‘Events Calendar’:

Storm King Arts Center Events Calendar: www.stormking.org/calendar

Storm King Arts Center
1 Museum Rd
New Windsor, NY 12553

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Storm King Art Center