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Trevor Zoo Live Webcam & More Places To Visit From Home

The Trevor Zoo Live Webcam lets you enjoy a visit to the zoo without having to leave your home.

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Did you see my blog post about our visit to the Trevor Zoo in Millbrook, NY? Well, I forgot to mention in my post that the Trevor Zoo Live Webcam is a great way to see the animals when you can’t get there personally.

My kids are animal lovers and I am an art lover and as we approach Day 12 of our self-quarantine, we are looking for interesting ways to pass the time.

The Trevor Zoo Live Webcam is a way to connect the zoo with others who cannot visit

> Make sure you have a strong internet connection. Slower speeds may affect video quality.

> The animals are not always in their habitats and there is no guarantee to see the animals that day.

> Click the link for my blog post about a visit to Trevor Zoo

What is a Live Webcam?

A Live Webcam is a video running at ‘real-time’ showing a place and what’s happening at that location.

It’s similar to a traffic cam like the ones that you see on the news. A traffic cam shows the traffic in a specific place while it is happening and this is helpful for those commuting to that area.

A live webcam can be used anywhere and the ‘feed’ or footage can be seen on the internet. This comes in handy when people want to view activities remotely from a specific location.

Live webcams have become popular at zoos across the United States.

Some popular zoos across the United States with live webcams include:

What’s the Trevor Zoo Live Webcam?

Trevor Zoo in Millbrook has both outdoor and indoor cameras set up in several areas on their grounds. Several cameras show the animal’s nest and others show the habitats.

This allows people to view several areas of the zoo from the comforts of their own home.

The Trevor Zoo Live Webcam showcases three animals

So no matter the time of day, weather, or season, you can always keep an eye on some of the favorite animals and areas of the zoo.

There are 3 Trevor Zoo Live Webcams:


What are Virtual Tours?

A ‘virtual tour’ is a 360-degree image of a specific area or location. It is a continuous image and not a video.

Many virtual tours are interactive and you can click the area to get a closer look and/or to ‘walk’ down a hall.

Have you ever experienced a ‘street view’ on Google Maps? It’s a still image but you can move closer, farther and down the road.

An image of a virtual tour at Lyndhurst Mansion in Tarrytown, NY

These Hudson Valley Museums offer Virtual Tours

Did you know that many of the Hudson Valley Museums have virtual tours? I bet you didn’t.

While researching this blog post, I came across Google’s Arts & Culture Platform.

At the time of this post, they offered 482 ‘Collections’ or places where you can view ‘Stories’ and ‘Virtual Tours’ from museums in the United States and Puerto Rico.

Which HV Museums can be found on Google Arts & Culture?

Amongst all the amazing museums showcased on Google Arts & Culture, several Hudson Valley treasures can also be seen there. These include:

Hudson River Museum

The front sign of the Hudson River Museum

Located in Yonkers, NY, the Hudson River Museum is an awesome space that combines art, science, and history.

You can experience several amazing wonders right from your home. Through the Google Arts & Culture website, the museum offers:

  • 5 Stories (Online Exhibits)
  • Virtual tour of the 1876 Victorian home, Glenview

You can view the online exhibits and the virtual tour of Glenview here.


Albany Institute of History & Art

Located in Albany, NY immerses yourself in the history, art, and culture of Albany and the Upper Hudson Valley region. Another one of the oldest museums in the country, this historic location houses an impressive permanent collection, as well as, many traveling exhibits.

You can view many of the collections at the Albany Institute of History & Art right on Google Arts & Culture.

Although they do not offer stories/online exhibits, they showcase the art pieces of their collections and a virtual tour of museum.

You can view the works of art and the virtual tour of the museum here.

Eleanor Roosevelt National Historic Site

The Stables at Franklin D Roosevelt Historic Site

Located in Hyde Park, celebrate the life of Eleanor Roosevelt with a visit to Val-Kill, in Hyde Park, NY. Located near the FDR Presidential Library & Museum, a visit to the Eleanor Roosevelt National Historic Site makes a day in Hyde Park complete.

While visiting the Eleanor Roosevelt National Historic Site on Google Arts & Culture, you will marvel at:

  • 1 Story or Online Exhibit
  • 3 virtual tours
    • The outside of the Historic Site
    • A tour of Stone Cottage
    • A tour of the Factory

You can view the works of art and the virtual tour of the museum here.

Home of Franklin D Roosevelt National Historic Site

The front of Springwood at the FDR Historic Site

Located in Hyde Park, Springwood is the home of our nations’ 32nd President. The library was the first one in the United States and the museum offers visitors state-of-the-art exhibits.

You can visit these extraordinary places from home with Google Arts & Culture. These include:

  • 2 Stories/Online Exhibits
  • 3 Virtual Tours
    • The Stables
    • Outside of Springwood
    • Inside of Springwood

You can view the works of art and the virtual tour of the museum here.

Martin Van Buren National Historic Site

Visit the grounds and home of Martin Van Buren, 8th President of the United States from the comfort of your own home.

Visiting the Lindenwald estate, in Kinderhook, will take you back in time to the 1800s. Born and raised in Kinderhook, this is where Van Buren chose to retire after his presidency.

By visiting the Martin Van Buren National Historic Site on Googe Arts & Culture, you will see:

  • 2 Stories / Online Exhibits
  • 3 Virtual Tours
    • The Outside of the historic site
    • The Indoors of the historic site

You can view the works of art and the virtual tour of the museum here.

Lyndhurst Mansion

Lyndhurst Mansion is on the short list of Westchester Museums

Visit one of America’s most beautiful examples of Gothic Revival Mansions when visiting Lyndhurst Mansion in Tarrytown, NY.

Virtual tours can be found directly on their website and include many of the areas of the mansion, as well as, surrounding grounds.

You can enjoy the following areas of Lyndhurst Mansion directly from your home:

  • The Mansion
  • Aerial Tour of Lyndhurst
  • The Bowling Alley
  • PLUS… Halloween & Christmas at the Mansion

You can access the virtual tours by visiting Lyndhurst Mansion’s website here.

And like everything else out there… There’s an App for that.

What’s the Google Arts & Culture App?

Google Arts & Culture App

The Google Arts & Culture App is a great resource for those interested in seeing art up close.

With this FREE app, you can not only visit top exhibits throughout the Hudson Valley, but you can view top exhibits from around the world.

Imagine seeing a Van Gogh up close? It can be done. This app has partnered with over 1,000 museums, galleries, and institutions in 70 countries.

Enjoy an exuberant amount of artwork and exhibits while looking at your screen or you can also enjoy the images using a VR headset.

Girl looking through VR headset

So what are your thoughts about the ideas, such as Trevor Zoo Live Webcams and other online and virtual tours?

I think these are great ideas, especially during a time when so many are at home and trying to find ways to fill their days.

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