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This is what happens when you visit the Walkway over the Hudson

Flags at the Walkway over the Hudson State Park in Hudson Valley, NY.

Has this ever happened to you????
Have you ever visited a place and immediately fell in love & felt its magic? That’s how I felt when visiting ‘The Walkway over the Hudson’.

Outdoor Fun by the Hudson River

Where is The Walkway Over The Hudson Located?

The Walkway Over the Hudson is part of the ‘Hudson Valley Rail Trail’ and runs over the Hudson River connecting Ulster County in Highland, NY to Dutchess County in Poughkeepsie, NY. When first arriving at the Walkway, it is a wonder who they built this space. The size of it is incredible and I always get giddy at the thought that I am actually walking over the Hudson River! 

According to their Website: 

“Since opening in October 2009, Walkway Over the Hudson State Historic Park has improved the quality of life in the Hudson Valley and is making significant, positive contributions to the local and regional economy. It is open year-round, offering programs, events, and tours made possible through membership and donations to the Walkway organization.” 

Looking North from the Walkway Over the Hudson one can better appreciate the scenery and landscape.

What makes the Walkway Over The Hudson so special?

The Walkway is the World’s Longest Elevated Pedestrian Bridge. The combination of being so high up and the view of the surrounding scenery are only a few things that make this place so special. Think about it… Where else can you go and walk over the HUDSON RIVER?!?! It’s truly amazing.

Where else can you walk over the Hudson River? the Walkway Over the Hudson allows just that from the Ulster Side of NY to the Dutchess Side.

The Walkway over the Hudson is a safe and enjoyable space for all; people on bkies, scooters, rollerbladers, joggers and walkers.

Walking on the Walkway over the Hudson on a Summer day

The Historic Walkway over the Hudson is home to a 1926 Caboose. This Caboose is also a mini-museum with photos from the time when the Walkway was used for transport.

The view of the Mid-Hudson bridge can be seen when looking at the Hudson River Southbound from the Walkway

When visiting, we typically start our walks on the Ulster County side in Highland, NY. We park the car and begin our walk, partially on the Rail Trail until we get to the gated entrance of the Walkway itself. We love being able to get outdoors, take a nice walk and look at the spectacular views along the way. 

The Walkway Over the Hudson evokes a sense of calm, but yet, it energizes you. I’m not sure if it’s the fresh air, the views, or the sense that you are walking along a historic and unparalleled structure that was originally a railroad, but the who experience is extraordinary.

Do you know of any other State Parks that offer such a unique experience for their visitors?
If you do, leave me a comment below and let me know. 

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Movies Under the Walkway Over the Hudson
(Summer Event only)

Upper Landing Park and the Walkway over the Hudson hosts “Movies Under the Walkway Over the Hudson” during the summer months. The organization sets aside five evenings during the summer to screen family-friendly movies, free to the public. Bring a blanket or a chair and enjoy a great movie with a spectacular view.  It is a great way to spend a summer evening with your family. Free and Fun – that’s a Win-Win!

Watching a movie under The Walkway awakens a feeling of nostalgia. It strengthens the feeling and sense of community and takes you back to a simpler time when children played outside and watched movies with their families.

What's better than spending a Summer night watching a movie under the stars with a view of the Walkway Over the Hudson?

What's better than spending a Summer night watching a movie under the stars with a view of the Walkway Over the Hudson?

Walkway over the Hudson sunset from Upper Landing Park in Poughkeepsie, NY.

A Few Things to Know Before Visiting The Walkway Over the Hudson:

  • This place is perfect for anyone/ everyone to visit: Families, Singles, Couples, etc.
  • Cost: Walkway Over the Hudson is always Free (there is a donation box on the Walkway and they are happy to accept any donations to help keep this great place running smoothly)
  • Parking (Ulster County): Free on the Ulster County Side (Highland, NY)
  • Parking (Dutchess County): NOT FREE on the Dutchess County side (Poughkeepsie, NY)
  • Portable bathrooms available for use
  • There are vending machines offering drink options on either side of the Walkway
  • There have been food/ice cream trucks during my visits (Mostly on weekends)
  • Days Open/Hours: The Walkway over the Hudson is open from Dawn to Dusk, Year Round
  • The Walkway over the Hudson is dog-friendly, but keep in mind that the pavement gets very hot during the summer months and can be harmful to their paws

Additional & Updated Information, Visit Their:

The Walkway Over The Hudson
87 Haviland Road, Highland, NY
– or –
61 Parker Ave, Poughkeepsie, NY

Now it’s your turn,
tell me your Favorite New York State Park and what happens when you visit there?

Until the Next Adventure…

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